Another opening, another show!


It was a Camus novel, maybe THE PLAGUE. An Algerian writer kicked his adoring dog and spent his entire creative life seeking the opening line of his first novel.

That's not my own loop, but I do keep going back to the opening line of this ongoing novel of mine. I keep whittling it. It needs to be as dry and sharp as splintered bone.

So I started back on CROMOZONE again today by slicing at the opening. Happily I've also moved the book on into brand new territory. I asked myself the question over the weekend "So if you've only got enough life left for one more book, what would it be?" Commercial questions evaporate before a question like that. CROMOZONE it is.

And of course I've hedged my bets. I'll plug away at my novel in the mornings, keep the early hours for the wild mania of that creation. Then I'll play it out of my system on the piano over lunch before kicking up my heels in the afternoon. I've just called my musical SINGING ALONG WITH DORIS DAY up onto my screen. It's wonderful, but how did I ever believe it was finished? It needs so much work. Great. A lovely piece to get my teeth into. Happy days are here again!