Great to be edited!


I had an excellent response from a friend on a screenplay today. It struck the perfect balance - some real and zippy enthusiasm, and some down-home truths that give me great and constructive cause for thought. I suppose some of the most effective criticism accords with what you secretly thought but didn't want to admit to. It's a lot simpler to justify what you have written than to change it - though it is wonderfully liberating to sunsequently be thrust into change that you secretly wanted all along.

Good too that the friend is deep inside the movie business. The criticism is spurred by working on the frontline, knowing not only what works but what sells. The screenplay is of a thriller and aims to be commercial.

I do love quality editing. The lonely business of writing suddenly becomes a shared project. It's a thrill to find yourself listened to. Copy-editing is generally tedious, people ticking off small points of personal style, but real editing means someone getting into the heart of what a writer's doing. It's a wonder to have your writing reflected back at you, so you see it more clearly for yourself.

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