Reviews (Small Publisher Route #8)


The first review of On Sacred Mountains was spotted today. It came in last Saturday's Guardian.

The Guardian Review of On Sacred Mountains

Best of all is that the book is receiving some notice. In true Guardian fashion the paper stays on the fence about the book, though I enjoyed its suggestion that it is 'an important spiritual document'.

The fact that the review is there at all is one up for the small publisher. The wisdom at Thorsons and Random House was that paperback publications of titles with a spiritual dimension are almost guaranteed to get no national publicity. I perused the national press coverage in Britain, noted that the Guardian has a regular paperback non-fiction reviewer, and the ever-ready Bob Trubshaw (Heart of Albion's publisher) gamely sent a review copy to the named editor rather than the general books department. So hooray.

The review doesn't actually say much. The jokes it cracks are my own and in the book, but that is fair enough. It's simply good to have the book noted - and interesting in this day and age that its gay content doesn't merit any special attention. It will be fun to see if reviews crop up anywhere else. The distributor noticed this one - if anyone out there sees the book reviewed, or indeed would like a review copy of their own, please let me know!

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