Look Who's Watching

23rd October 2003

I've finished a novel. Called Look Who's Watching, it's been boiling away through different drafts for six years. In these past couple of months I've added 35,000 words, fleshing the book out and carrying it into territory that might otherwise have been left for a sequel.

It's my biggest book to date ... a little over 100,000 words. I've been minimalist in my writing before, but enough of that. If there's more story to tell, more wonders to enjoy, then go for them.

It's now out with my agent. You might expect this to be an anxious time, and I suppose in part it is. If your agent is excited, a lot of the work of selling the book is already done. It's better to have someone revel in your life's work than deride it. But does someone else's opinion matter right now? No. People's taste might be on trial but my book is not. The book's a pearl, and people may prove themselves to be swine or not. Someone, somewhere, has got to love it and make a great and booming success of it. It is that good.

This is a little vaunting, but what the heck. I've nurtured this novel through years of sweat and inspiration, and am only now letting it go out in the world because it has become tremendous. It's my offspring. Forgive me, but I need to crow for it.I am determined that it do well in the world.

I'm writing a new novel. You won't hear me shout about that for some time. That needs protecting from the outer world while I pummel it, reshape it, tear it to bits. If it survives that, if it comes bursting through my creative process with a life and shape of its own, then I'll come out fighting so the world gives it attention. But not now. Let's leave the new novel be as it births itself.

Meanwhile go for it, Look Who's Watching! Hooray! You can do it! Wow you're a good book. I believe in you. Go go go!

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