The lunatic spawn of Le Pen and Mary Whitehouse

Up early, so the father in my book could resume spewing his heart out - I doubt I've ever read a character more grizzly than him, let alone written one. He's able to be maudlin, which some people might be daft enough to like, but otherwise he's beyond redemption. He's like the hate-child of Le Pen and Mary Whitehouse (recently dead, she headed Britain's 'Mediawatch', a reactionary group seeking to have tV and the press assert their right-wing agenda - Lord save us from the moralists). I'm not so much creating this man, just letting loose his reins - he's a fusion of all the aspects I've never liked about conservative society. It's curious to see just how far he's prepared to go each time ... then good to get a break.

I walked our nearby water meadow, then dug up a concrete post, washed the car and sawed down a dead tree. Time now to ferry a bagload of stuff to the local dump. Working outdoors, clearing the garden, is a good balance to the day's writing. I'm grateful for the sunshine. These next few days should see this new book's most unpleasant scenes unfold. Maybe I'll have to dig a pond to counterbalance those.

In the meantime it's round to Mum's this evening for a steak pie and a football match. Primed as well as that, I should have enough in reserve to steam through some of tomorrow's nastier aspects.

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