Scfi readers lead the way


I've filletted my ongoing novel CROMOZONE into two stories (though one, being above 7,500 words, is classified by the scifi community as a 'novelette'). One went off to the top British scifi magazine Interzone a couple of weeks ago, another has flown off to Fantasy & Science Fiction in the USA today.

I'm impressed at discovering such an active community among scifi readers. Years ago, on my first weekend in Glasgow, I went along to a scifi convention with writers Harlan Ellison and Anne McCaffrey. I've never seen such knowledgable enthusiasm at any other literary gathering. Scifi magazines seem the one place where writers can place stories, be paid, be welcomed - and what's more be applauded for giving their imagination free and wild range and applying the most cutting edge ideas. Scifi gets short shrift from the literary community, which in the way of all narrow minded communities of course misses out as a consequence.

The Hugo and Nebula awards for writing in this genre impress me too. They are genuinely popular awards, voted for by a mass membership of readers. How sad that writing in other areas does not stir up such popular excitement, but how fine that it exists here.

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