Oh Lucky Me!


I'm about to shift into my eighth year of fulltime writing. It struck me at the weekend how lucky I am.

OK, the years have had ups and downs. Sometimes it's the downs that have kept me at it, when there's been no other work I can do. But it's remarkable and a blessing that day on day I've been granted the right to work on my craft and free my imagination. As one writing day leads into the next, a pattern exists that I can almost rely on. I may not know HOW it can continue, funding wise, but somehow it always has and always might.

Good news, in that a story has been accepted; "The Lovely Life of Arnold" by the Harrington Review in America. I love the story, a gloriously affirmative tale of growing up gay. It won me a glowing letter from the New Yorker some while back, though they didn't take it. The editor of STORY magazine wrote me a fine letter too, loving the story himself but his publisher blocking publication. I chose the Harrington as the foremost venue for such a story where the editor was unlikely to baulk at the gay content - indeed gay literary content is the magazine's remit. I'd like the story to introduce my work to a new community of readers - a gay readership might well then find its way across to my ON SACRED MOUNTAINS.

Meanwhile it's on with Cromozone - I love the way it's turning out, though it's hard to force myself back into its environment each morning. James found it easy to coax me out this morning, sun shining, swans to feed, our loopwalk including an Ancient Briton hillfort to complete.

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