On Sacred Mountains THE BOOK! - (Small Publisher Route #7)


This Pyrenean village where I'm writing is known locally as 'the pretty one with the river and the stairs'. Stone steps run all around its hill, connecting the honeycombed houses. People seldom slip by without you hearing the patter of their tread.

The postwoman is young and clearly lightfooted. I had been expecting her today, listening out, but she came and went without a murmur. I opened the front foor after lunch, and found a small box sitting on the mat.

It's a delivery from Heart of Albion, the first three copies of On Sacred Mountains. Hooray!

It seems right that such a book should arrive so gently on Good Friday. And perfect that it comes to our mountain home. I'm delighted with the look and feel of it. The wrap-around cover works beautifully, the pages can be stroked to enjoy the quality of paper, and orange endpapers add a touch of distinction and value. I worked hard to trim the book and feared it would seem too slender on a shelf, but in fact it looks substantial. A handsome trade paperback, showing real care in its production.

It's a wonder that so fine a book comes into my hands just two months after submitting it as an electronic manuscript (own your own from May 1st!). Bravo Bob Trubshaw for bringing it about ... you've got that rare thing, an author without a niggle in his head (though I reserve the right to come up with one later!). Three cheers and more for small publishers.

What a great excuse for heading through the mountains to a local village restaurant and drinking toasts to the whole enterprise!

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