Hey! I'm Collectable!

I once read an interview with John Cheever in which the interviewer was bemused by the fact that Cheever had no copies of some of his own work. I was bemused too. Now the same thing has happened. I've just had to go online to search out a copy of my first novel, ON BENDED KNEES. The cheapest I could find was sixteen pounds fifty, plus postage. I'd have preferred a bargain but I'm almost proud of the expense!

The book holds up well on re-reading. I wrote it in 1990 - 91, and it was set in 1963-66 (England) and 1975 (Berlin). In that way it was historical fiction, though it used times and places that I knew. What's happened since though is that my memories of those times and places has faded. Much of the period detail surprises me. Smells and sounds that I once recalled surprise me. Such things too as a visit made by Princess Alexandra to open a community centre in my home town, though fictionalized here, are recalled at levels I could no longer manage. I did do a lot of research for some sections of the book, finding accounts of the German homefront and Dresden during the second world war, that fit more closely to my idea of historical fiction. It's curious to find my own memories have since become historical.

Please look out for a copy. It's a good book and I like to think of it being read. It's fairly easy to get through the UK library system ... New York Public Library has one in stock too. And if you want an investment there are still a few out there in the secondhand bookstores, advertising on-line. A year ago I found one advertised for just six quid. That would have been a better investment than biotech in its heyday!