The 1000-Word a Day Novel-writing Plan


I'm suddenly practising a new novel-writing technique. Each day I write a 1000 words, then stop. Comfort-zone is actually around 800 words, beyond that is a push but a manageable one. Having passed my barrier I may then get to 1100 words or so before a natural break, but then that's it.

Previously I wrote in scenes, and would carry on till a scene was finished regardless of its length. Now I'm cutting off mid-scene - and indeed one scene can now spread over several days' writing.

I'm pleased with the results. It means I'm always writing near peak energy rather than near-exhausted. It means achieving longer scenes. It also lets me be alert enough to have the action follow the characters - the current scene has four, for instance, and each of them has the strength to suddenly carry the action in a different direction. I know where it's all heading, but they keep throwing up different routes to get there.

Two milestones today (what's the metric equivalent of a milestone?) - the novel's through both the 50,000 word and 200 page barrier. 1,000 word days should keep totting them up.

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