Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fighting shy

OK, enough's enough. My J.S.Haldane book stalled this week as I headed off to different archives around the country picking up more information. We got to August 4th 1914, Haldane's brother mobilizing the forces in the UK. This is one of my climactic scenes in the book ... and I've grown shy before it. It's so tough to do the period justice, and so much from that time is lost or hidden.
But tomorrow is time for a big breath and jumping in there. Haldane's been pretty much written out of the story, so at least I know my angle on him is gives me a tight focus.
That war has so many stories .... the sound archive in the Imperial War Museum let me listen in to a Scottish private recalling his days in the tunnels and with the gases, his life saved by one of Haldane's canaries. His recordings alone are a book in themselves.
By the way, for some powerful photographs of the war, click here.


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