Thursday, November 23, 2006

Is this our man? - Haldane footage

The piece of video accessible from the page linked from here is of my subject's brother Richard, Lord Haldane. It purports to be from 1913. But is it, perhaps, from february 11th 1912? In February Lord Haldane as Secretary for War went to Berlin to meet with the Kaiser, on a peace mission from the cabinet. To disguise the nature of that mission and make it seem like an inquiry into higher education, John Scott Haldane (my subject) went with him as private secretary. The disguise did not work. The two brothers were treated 'like royalties' on their departure, and filmed with 'cinematographic instruments'.
I've not been able to locate such film - the Imperial War Museum has no record of it or of J.S.Haldane at all. However this snatch of ancient film looks like that occasion to me. In that case is the man behind the top-hatted Lord Haldane, the man with the flat cap and the very distinctive JSH moustache, our man J.S.Haldane?


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