Monday, November 20, 2006

The Edinburgh Review

I've just posted an article on my website taken from the current Edinburgh Review. It is a new piece drawn from interviews with writers I met in Zimbabwe earlier this year.
The Edinburgh Review is going great guns under the editorship of Brian McCabe. It's being well backed by Arts funders, and producing innovative issues. The previous one looked at writings from South America, the current focus is Africa, while the forthcoming one (due in January) looks at India.
Since I have a bracing new short story, 'India, by design', coming out in that issue, why not go for a double whammy, subscribe from now, and get something by me in both the current and the next? Go on, keep an astonishingly venerable institution (it was founded in 1802) yet madly contemporary arts publication thriving, and buy some literary folk Christmas gift subscriptions to boot.


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