Who wants a long book anyway! (small publisher route #3)


Good comeback from Bob (the publisher) on my response to the galleys of ON SACRED MOUNTAINS. The font size is not actually small as I lamented but larger than normal, 11 point instead of 10. I guess my reaction has something to do with my eyesight - I pick up a number of books I don't buy because I can barely see the print. The book has few pages because I have provided few pages.

I suppose that's what comes from having spent the last years stripping it back. In this final draft I threw out a lengthy introduction and one whole chapter. Prior to that I cut out plenty of scenes, characters and incidents, sub-plots, and of course extraneous words. The book is a journey through wildly different cultures which must be unfamiliar to most readers - in asking people to follow me I needed to edit the journey as well as the writing, make it more attainable.

Personally I love short books - not least because they often offer me highly polished writing. As a reader part of me would always love the chance to wield a pen and trim a book down somewhat, reshape it. It's a good job my book's coming out now, so I lose the chance to turn it into a postcard.

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