Galleys away and rights reverted (small publisher route #2)


ON SACRED MOUNTAINS is so close to being a proper book now. I finished marking the galleys today and they're off in the mail - one nice thing about the UK is such regular packages arriving the next day. I'm used to spending $35 for FedEx service in the US for that. SP this speedy process hurtles toward a May 1st publication date.

Having read my book through one more time, I'm charmed by it! I see it as being one of those curiously English travel classics - J.R.Ackerley, Bruce Chatwin, Robert Byron, Denton Welch, that sort of thing. It doesn't get weird till the end, so hopefully readers will be used to me by then.

More good news today - Random House have offered to revert the UK tights to I WAS CARLOS CASTANEDA to myself, so that Bob at Heart of Albion Press can bring it out in a UK edition. I'm glad to be having my current titles available on these shores.

It's odd, this celebration of rights being reverted. I remember what an achievement it felt when I won those to my first novel back from Macmillan. Then, of course, I had no idea what to with them! And on winning back the world and US rights to IN SEARCH OF THE DIVINE MOTHER I promptly gave them away to Thorsons, so they could market the UK paperback edition worldwide. That edition has a dozen or so copies left before selling out, Thorsons does not plan a reprint, so I guess that's more rights reverting my way.

Anyone out there want them?

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