One of my more varied writing days. It started with a burst of my new novel. My character keeps walking through a door and I have to pause to imagine the other side of it into existence, but I even managed to throw a corridor into the proceedings today.

Then a walk to the printers to collect copies of my play BEACH BOY BLUES. Three are now in the mail, two to theatres and another to an actor. Joining them on my walk to the post office today was an article, newly edited this afternoon, and a story, each package with its letter. Meanwhile the postman delivered galleys to my ON SACRED MOUNTAINS to the front door.

It's good to see the book 'in print'. Reading it is still a pleasure, thankfully. I had been wondering what its category is, though it's clear to me now that this is a travel book. The travels are to sacred places and lead to revelations, but it's travel none the less.

I'm getting used to the speed of turnaround now - and will try and match this by finishing my own proofread tomorrow. This speed is one clear advantage of having chosen to go with a small press. A flip side of that might well be the necessary economy of production. One editorial decision on I WAS CARLOS CASTANEDA was to increase the font size. In these galleys the font size is tiny, the book reduced to a miniature 140 pages. I've edited it to be remarkably crisp, but didn't reckon on it turning out quite so small! So that's something to look into - see how much the book can grow in size without the economics of its production being too challenging.

And to end the day's set of varied tasks, here I am writing today's entry to this daily log. It will go off into the blue the same way today's packages did, and some day I might even learn that it's been read!

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