Getting the word out


A little below par on waking today, my head too cramped for creative flow, but managed a lot in any case. I've just figured one main reason some of my pieces haven't sold - I hadn't sent them out.

So ON SACRED HILLS has just started its journey from Sandy post office to my American agent (its UK publication date has just been confirmed as May 1st). I've pushed it through an Americanization of its spelling and language. The local printer is copying and binding four copies of my new play. I've got a letter ready to accompany a story to Granta magazine. And I've just trimmed and rewritten an article on the French wine industry to fit the needs of the Observer Food Monthly.

Part of the dynamic of 2002 is for me to feed my work out into the world. I'll have to keep reminding myself to do so till it becomes a habit, part of an average working day.

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