Superwoman (Secrets of Bestsellers #4)

Here's a bonus first of all - two things that get you nowhere in the bestseller stakes.

Don't bother with unrequited love - it has hardly ever emerged in my bestseller research. It may not be a negative but it certainly isn't a plus.

Also forget putting in a 'wise character' - one to whom others go to earn about life. I like such characters - and was surprised to find they barely exist in bestsellers.

Having got them out of the way, here is something that will help your bestseller stakes all down the line. Include a strong female character.

She doesn't need to be all-conquering. There's no need to have her don the leotard and punch her way through the skies on the way to saving humanity. Make her sassy though, preferably good-looking, certainly with the wherewithall to outpace male colleagues in the book at crucial moments. Include such a being and you're up there with at least 80% of bestselling fiction.

I've just finished James Patterson's Cat's Cradle. He seems to mainline on such strong female types. In this one he managed a principle character both ass-kicking, sexy and holy.

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