Mayday (Small Publisher Route #9)


Today marks the official launch of On Sacred Mountains. A nice choice of date - I'm born close to Christmas, and always fancied May 1st as a more ideal birthday.

I remember expecting some 'congratulations' call from my agent or editor when my first novel came out. I'm less naive now. Launch days are like birthdays - it's up to yourself to make something of them.

This series has been charting my book's speedy progress in the hands of Heart of Albion, comparing it with previous experiences of Random House, Harper Collins and Macmillan. I've discovered lots of benefits of going small - though haven't stated the obvious fact that this isn't a book the big houses would go near. Heart of Albion and its distributor are reckoning on a sale of 1,000 - I aim to beat that prediction to a pulp but who knows, they may well be right. Certainly the big houses aren't interested in anything with such prospective sales figures - small can survive on being small, editors in the large houses will lose their jobs.

Publishing On Sacred Mountains has been a brave step for Heart of Albion - a fair amount of scarce resources is on the line. For a book that details an odyssey around sacred mountains of the world in which we come to know them as great beings which reveal vital truths, and a book with a gay theme at that, it is hardly pressing all the obvious bestseller buttons.

Researching and writing the book has swallowed years of my life and all my own finances. It comes out into the world with no advance and expectations of a minimal return at best. Even so it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. It's a beautiful book and I wish it well with all my heart.

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